Meet Matea

Owner and Trainer

Matea was given her first horse at 8 years old. That horse sparked her insatiable desire to know more and began her horsemanship journey. Coming from a family that knew little about horses, she got her start with Parelli home study videos. During high school, she interned with Tony and Jenny Vaught. She developed skills with gaited horses and started her first colt at 14 years old. She continued her education towards the horse profession by completing a certification as a Rider Biomechanics Coach at age 17. After high school, she passed her Parelli Level 4 (which included Liberty and Bridle-less riding). To Matea, it’s not just about fixing an issue, but helping you learn to understand and develop a partnership with your horse. Her heart is with helping others and bringing out the best in you and your horse.

Matea’s experience lies in the foundation, where all issues start. With her natural approach to horse training, she has unique insight into horse behavior and development. Matea can also provide the rider with the best position instruction for safety and function. The love of horses and sharing knowledge with others is the hallmark of Matea’s gift. She wants to share it with you!

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