Texas Trail Obstacle Fun Day

Develop the skills in yourself and your horse to be confident and have fun out on the trail. Trail riding can be dangerous and nerve racking. Find out how you as the rider can cultivate a strong focus and help your horse with his own emotional fitness on the trail.

Connection & Harmony

Enhancing Partnership Clinic, Oct. 8-9, 2022

This is the third event in our series of Lessons from Horses where we blend horse and human psychology. We covered leadership and communication over the summer. The topic for this clinic will be announced soon. Mark your calendars and tighten your cinches for our third deep dive!

3 Day Horsemanship Clinic – Sept. 2022

Want to improve your relationship with your horse? Spend 3 days devoted to improving your skills as a horseman and a rider. This clinic will cover ground work, liberty, and riding with a focus on bridleless. Learn how to get your horse responsive off your leg all while developing a better connection with your horse. This is perfect way to hone your skills and further yourself towards your goals.

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