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Leadership Lessons From Horses, May 6th-8th, 2022

Leadership Lessons with Horses

From working in the office, performing roles in the community, to organizing personal and family obligations, we all need leadership skills. We may find that leadership skills come easily with co-workers, but perhaps not as much at home.  Or, we may find ourselves in situations where the leadership we thought we were demonstrating is not what is understood and responded to by others.

This clinic will support leadership skill development for humans by applying the fundamentals of horse herd dynamics.  Horses mirror back to us what we project to the world. In this way, they can help us see and experience how we can be better leaders at work, at home, and in the arena.

In this multi-day course, Brenda Murrow, Ph.D. and Matea Babcock will provide an overview of relationship dynamics, neuroscience, and behavior from horse and human perspectives, and then provide an experiential learning environment for you to apply those concepts, in order to help you understand ways you can improve your own leadership skills. 

  • Friday evening is a presentation on horse herd dynamics and human interactions.  We will begin with a discussion on behavior, and explore how the relatedness between horses and humans significantly impacts interactions.  This discussion will include how brain chemistry is involved in decision-making, as well as other factors understood to impact horse and human psychology.  From there we will learn how horses operate their herd leadership, and finally consider ways these concepts can apply to human leadership skills.  You won’t want to miss this introduction to the weekend content. 
  • Join us Saturday as we take all of those concepts and put them to work in the arena.  In the morning, we will provide a demonstration with the course leaders.  The afternoon will consist of your hands-on experience in the round pen with a lesson horse (no need to have your own horse for this).  You will get to watch the same horse interact with the different leadership styles of the participants (for those who wish to participate).
  • Sunday is your chance to get one-on-one coaching with this duo team. Bring your own horse or use one of ours for this personalized session. You can customize this to get help on ground work or riding your horse.  Brenda and Matea will help you fine tune your leadership skills (for those that wish to sign-up).
  • Auditors are welcome and encouraged for all three days, but will be excluded from the hands-on experiences with the horses.
  • You won’t want to miss participating in this horse experience on leadership skills.

Intended Audience:

This interdisciplinary course is intended to explore what the horse-human dynamic can teach us on the topic of leadership skills and is open to learners of all backgrounds.  The diverse skillsets of the instructors serve as a platform from which to consider learning and development from a wide variety of viewpoints.   We encourage participants who may be horse owners, have leadership positions in corporate offices, are mental health professionals, as well as anyone with an interest in this topic to join us and participate in this lively and entertaining learning environment.

            You’ll learn:

⁃ What makes an effective leader inside and outside of the arena

⁃ Focus and planning as a leader

⁃ How to commit to your decisions as a leader

⁃ Follow-through and preparing a back-up plan

⁃ How to develop confidence in your leadership skills



              Clinic Schedule:

Friday Night Presentation (no horses) at 6:30pm

  • Understanding the Secrets of a Horse’s Mind with Matea Babcock
  • Human-Horse Neuroscience with Brenda Murrow, Ph.D.

Saturday (no horse needed) 9:00am-4:00pm

  • (Morning) Applying horse herd dynamics to the fundamentals of leadership
  • (Afternoon) Lessons with horses: see your leadership skills in action with one of our lesson horses in the round pen

Sunday  9:00am-4:00pm

  • Personalized sessions available (with your horse or one of ours): How to fine-tune your leadership skills at the office, at home, or in the arena

About your Instructors

Brenda Murrow, Ph.D.

Dr. Murrow is a licensed psychologist who leads Connection Therapy, a private practice focused on serving rural communities in three locations.  The multiple populations served by Connection Therapy provide a wide range of concerns that Dr. Murrow and her team are able to support.  Prior to practicing in Kansas, Dr. Murrow spent two years as a post-doctoral fellow at the Reiss-Davis Child Study Center in Los Angeles.  She also is an adjunct professor who has taught graduate-level courses in psychological assessment, theory, research, and statistics. Dr. Murrow has completed research projects and had work published in the areas of animal-assisted therapy and how attachment affects development.

Matea Babcock

As a horse development specialist, Matea understands the horse psychology behind the training. This can fast track your progress. She has been teaching professionally for the last 9 years and her experience in the horse industry ranges from colt starting, and trail riding green horses to working with gaited horses, and cow working. Her focus is on helping you excel with your horse. Whether you are just starting out or need help fine tuning your lead changes, this clinic will challenge and empower you!


Friday night: $50/person

Saturday: $180/participant (for the interactive horse experience)

Sunday: $100/private session (includes an hour of customized instruction from Brenda and Matea)

Audit: $50/day

Early Bird Specials

3 Ways to take advantage of the early bird special if you sign up and pay before April 2, 2022.

The FULL Leadership Experience – This includes Friday night’s presentation, the hands-on horse experience Saturday, and a 1 hour private lesson on Sunday. You get exclusive coaching from Brenda and Matea. Only 4 spots left! Space is limited. Early bird discount is: $300 for the weekend 

Not ready for a private lesson? We’ve got a place for you. Our other option is to watch Friday night’s presentation, participate in the hands-on horse experience Saturday, and just audit on Sunday. Early bird discount is: $200

Audit all 3 days: $120

 *Sign up and pre-pay are required before April 2, 2022 to take advantage of the early bird special. Payments can be made via check or Venmo. All payments are final and non-refundable. Call or text Matea at: 785-741-0201


Do I need a horse?

No need to have your own horse. We have lessons horses for Saturday. Sunday participants can choose to use their own horse or use one of our lesson (if reserved ahead of time by contacting Matea).

Do I have to ride?

No riding required for Saturday! Participants in the private sessions on Sunday can choose to ride their horse or do ground work only. This is a great way to get involved in a horse clinic without having to ride.

Is this therapy? 

No. This clinic is meant to be generalized education and not a replacement for therapy with a licensed professional. It is intended to be for education purposes only in a collaborative and friendly learning environment.

Why should I participate when I can audit?

There’s nothing like experiencing and feeling how a horse responds to you in real-time. When you adjust your body language, your horse will change. Horses live in the present moment and by this, they can teach us a lot about our own leadership style and why others relate to us the way they do.

Can I come to just one day?

Yes. Come to 1, 2, or all 3 days. Early bird specials only apply if you come to all 3 days.

What will the avid horseman get out of this clinic?

The insight you will take away from this will be invaluable to understanding your horse’s psychology and communicating with him better. If you like to nerd out on the nitty-gritty aspects of horsemanship, then this is the clinic for you.

Do I need to be a horse owner to attend?

We welcome people from all walks of life. There’s no need to be a horse owner or rider to attend. Whether you have never been around horses or you are an experienced rider, you will find great learning to take with you and apply to enhance your skills.  This makes for an outstanding corporate retreat or continuing education for anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills.

We are all working to be better leaders with our horses and in life. You are sure to enjoy this practical hands-on horse experience!


Our rave reviewed Guest Suites are available within walking distance of the arena. Check website or AirBnB for photos and pricing:

RV hook up’s ($15/night) are available on site.

Best Western Plus (10 minutes away): 119 Lodge Rd, Hiawatha, KS 66434

For Our 4-legged Friends:

Stalls ($10-$25/night/horse) run’s available with and without shelter.

*Proof of current negative coggin’s required for all horses.

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