Connection & Harmony

Enhancing Partnership Clinic, Oct. 8-9, 2022

Join us for this one of a kind clinic where we will explore the human & horse partnership dynamic. Brenda Murrow, Ph.D. and Matea Babcock come together in this 2 day clinic to help you enhance your partnership with your horse. You will learn to identify and resolve concerns in the partnership. This clinic seeks to support those who want to take the relationship with their horse to the next level by exploring biological factors that humans and horses share that affect ours and our horse’s response to stress. These skills open the door for your horse to succeed in the show ring, on the trail, and at home. Come explore this topic of partnership with us October 8th & 9th, 2022.

Saturday – We will introduce tools to help you and your horse remain calm in stressful situations. We will discuss how to identify different emotional states within ourselves and our horses. Bringing together both sides of the partnership, you will learn the keys to helping your horse thrive in new environments. Furthermore, we will work towards enhancing communication between both partners.

Sunday – Refine your horse’s transitions and brakes, in order to find more balance between “whoa” and go. You will learn the phases of a good stop. We will discuss ways to influence your horse’s reactions to stress by learning to adjust your own. Working with your horse to increase the emotional intelligence in your relationship will help you develop a partner that is in tune with your focus and suggestion.

You’ll learn:
Elements to improve your partnership in both the rider and the horse
How to identify and resolve problems in the partnership
How to help your horse thrive in high pressure environments (show, trail ride, parade, cows, etc.)
Ways to regulate your horse’s speed with brakes, transitions, and within gait

This course is for horses that…
Fall apart away from home
Get easily overwhelmed
Have plateaued in progress
Display difficulties with flying lead changes and/or cross fire
Jig on the trail
Won’t stop or are hard to slow down

$360/rider for 2 days
Audit: $50/day

Early Bird Specials
Sign up for two days as a participant before September 2, 2022 and pay $310 (normally $360 for the weekend). Sign up and pre-pay are required before the deadline to take advantage of the early bird discount. Payments can be made via check, Zelle, or Venmo. All payments are final and non-refundable. Call or text Matea at: 785-741-0201 to reserve your spot.

Do I need a horse?
Yes, please bring your own horse. The morning will be ground work and the afternoon will be riding.
What if I don’t have a horse to bring?
We welcome you and invite you to observe the clinic as the instructors work with participants and horses. This type of attendance is called auditing and is a great way to learn about horses and be part of the clinic.
Is this therapy?
No. This clinic is meant to be generalized education and not a replacement for therapy with a licensed professional. It is intended to be for education purposes only in a collaborative and friendly learning environment.
Who is this for?
The intended audience for this interdisciplinary course is intended to explore what the horse-human dynamic can teach us on the topic of partnership and is open to learners of all backgrounds. The diverse skillsets of the instructors serve as a platform from which to consider learning and development from a wide variety of viewpoints. We encourage participants who may be horse owners and specialists, have leadership positions in corporate offices, are mental health professionals, as well as anyone with an interest in this topic to join us and participate in this lively and entertaining learning environment.
We are all working to be better partners with our horses and in life. You are sure to enjoy this practical hands-on horse experience!
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
*Check-in at 8:30am
*Proof of current negative Coggin’s required.
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