Riding Off Intention: Taking your bridleless Riding to the Next Level

Take your bridleless riding to the next level! It’s the dream to be able to just focus on where you want to go and have your horse follow your intention (no legs, no reins needed)! How awesome would that be! This exercise makes it the horses choice to stay on the circle. It helps horses who want to look out on the circle, or you feel like you are consistently micromanaging with your reins/legs to get them to stay on the circle. This exercise also helps your horse to relax because the boundaries of your circle are specific and the consistent consequence. Remember you can put out cones to mark your circle, if you have trouble visualizing your circle. It doesn’t matter what level you are at. This is a principle you can start applying to your horsemanship.

The Process…
1. Set your circle with your focus
-How big? 25′
-Keep your eyes on the path you want your horse on.
2. Where will you correct your horse? When he’s committed to leaving the circle. I know that he’s committed to leaving because I will squeeze with both legs he leaves the circle. Then I will correct.
3. When to quit? When I squeeze with both legs and my horse bends into the circle and doesn’t leave. My horse should feel like them are staying in-between my legs. I don’t have to use my legs or reins. My horse is turning off my focus and intention.

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