Texas Location

At our Texas location, we offer horse training services and customized lessons. We provide specialized problem solving that meets your horse training needs and allows you to learn how to successfully continue with your horse’s development. Our facilities include an outdoor arena and 6 stall barn.

Harmony Mission Green


The importance of the basics is fundamental in any craft. In our horsemanship lessons, you’ll learn how to decipher your horse’s body language and develop the skills to handle common horse problems. Our goal is to help you navigate the basics. We want to help you start with the right habits that will help keep you safe and push you farther onto developing excellence from groundwork to saddle.


This is the ultimate learning event! Spend anywhere from 2-5 days dedicated to improving your horsemanship. You’ll walk away empowered with practical tools that fit you and your horse’s needs. Take your skills to the next level whether you are a beginner or fine tuning your flying lead changes. See Events page for upcoming events or Host your own event.
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